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Organization Name: UGAMA
Organization Type: NGO
Registration No: 477/05
Thematic Focus


Environmental protection

Gender equality & women empowerment

Livelihoods & employment

Water, sanitation, health & hygiene

Good governance, accountability and transparency


The vision of UGAMA is then stated as follows: becoming a higher income Rwandan society. The mission is the community transformation due to the development of cooperatives and the solidarity of their members. This mission is realized through three objectives to: (1) support and strengthen cooperatives especially in terms of organization, management and technical assistance to improve their economic and social viability; (2) increase and improve members’ participation in any business of their cooperative, be they big or small and (3) promote the collaboration framework between Cooperatives and CBOs with other stakeholder on the Sector, regional and sub-regional levels, which are able to provide services that cooperatives need. The objectives are achieved through 3 axes: (1) Development of cooperatives; (2) rural community development and (3) Institutional development. The following areas of interventions are the main pathway for UGAMA to achieve its objectives: 1. The capacity building of cooperatives and rural community groupings on the organizational, technical, operational, managerial and institutional levels. 2. Food, nutrition and income security: Professionalization in Sustainable/modern agriculture for both crop and animal production, quality control and upgrade of market value and market linkage as well as insure environment sustainability. 3. Crosscutting issues: promotion of gender equality, good governance, human right and climate change mitigation and adaptation measures.

Key past projects: