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Organization Name: RGPYD
Organization Type: NGO
Registration No: 021/2014
Thematic Focus

Access to justice



Strengthening good governance,yemocracy and youth development

Key past projects:

#1 Project Title: Mobilizing Youth for accountable Governance

Start date: 2014-05-12

End date: 2016-12-04

Project location: Country wide

Empowering Governance clubs on civic education, democratic governance and leadership.

Key beneficiaries targeted: University and Secondary schools

Donor(s) & Implementing partners: National Endowment for Democracy

#2 Project Title: Legal Knowledge and Dialogues on legal rights

Start date: 2022-12-21

End date: 2023-01-19

Project location: Bugesera District

capacitating our beneficialies on GBV law,Citizen paricipation,role of yout in setting Imihigo and empowering them on legal rigths.

Key beneficiaries targeted: Representatives of Youth, Opinion leaders,teen mothers and communities through Inteko z’Abaturage

Donor(s) & Implementing partners: Never Again through RYOF

#3 Project Title: Teenage Pregnancies Reduction througth Economic Empowerment

Start date: 2023-06-06

End date: 2024-05-05

Project location: Bugesera District

Empowering Teen mothers with tailoring skills for their economic independance

Key beneficiaries targeted: Teen mothers ,Fathers and vulnerable People

Donor(s) & Implementing partners: UNDP through RGB